Curonia Coffee is a coffee loving, quality focused coffee company located in Kuldīga, Latvia

As a roaster, I seek to highlight and capture the character of our carefully chosen green coffee.

A really amazing cup of coffee tells a story of connection. Sure brewed coffee is a sensual experience in and of itself but before it reaches the cup, that coffee traveled an intricate and exacting path. Every step is important, from the ripeness of coffee cherries when picked, to the way the beans are milled and dried, to the way it is shipped to our roasting place. We love talking about the uniqueness of each coffee. This way, we promise that each bag of Curonian Coffee purchased was hand crafted with excellence at all stages.

We believe that starting with quality green coffee enables us to put the care into the roasted coffee we serve—from the source to the final cup. We love what we do and want to share it with you.

Our roastery ships coffee to cafes, grocery stores, offices, restaurants and homes throughout the Europe. We value relationships with people and put a great deal of care into selecting and roasting our coffees. Behind the scenes we work hard to discover new coffees, develop our relationships, and deliver the coffee you deserve. Coffee should be enjoyable and approachable. With that in mind, we aim to provide consistency and flavor to your daily routine with an emphasis on quality.

The motivation behind our coffee is simple:  We are a specialty coffee roasting company aiming to bring people a focused and an exceptional coffee experience.

We begin with some of the best green coffee from mainly Central America, South America, and Africa. We roast our coffee to the ideal degree, while fully developing complex flavors, and bringing out delicate clarity.